Services for Parents of Gay-Identified Children

“The Mother’s Retreat gave me a new-renewed sense of purpose: Love my daughter. I am to listen to her, see her, and be with her. I don’t have to lecture; I have to love. This is exactly what a mom wants to do and now I know that it is “ok.”

- a mother from the east coast

“My wife and I heard Janelle speak at a conference last year. It was a highlight of the conference for me. She clearly understands the issue of homosexuality. She has a gift for communicating her understanding. I am reading her book. It is very helpful to me. While the book specifically targets women, as a father of a son with same-sex attraction, I think it is still very helpful. In fact, it is outstanding. I would recommend her conferences, resources and retreats.

- A father of a son with same-sex attraction

Janelle Hallman & Associates provides a variety of services to mothers, fathers and other family members and friends who want to understand their loved one's homosexuality or bisexuality. We offer:


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