Desert Hope

Restoring the Soul  ●  Renewing the Mind  ●  Healing the Heart

….calling men and women to live out of their truest identities as the Beloved.


Since 2000, Desert Hope Ministries was a non-profit organization initially formed to provide a support base and covering for Janelle Hallman’s conferences, speaking engagements, retreats, coaching, writing and publishing, resource development and missions outreaches. The name “Desert Hope” reflects the paradox of the human experience. We live in a world of loss, disappointment, and suffering (the desert), yet experience God’s endless unconditional grace and love, giving us a life of fullness and hope.

“He will make make the valley of trouble a door of hope.”
Hosea 2:15

As of September, 2019, Desert Hope Ministries was dissolved as a non-profit organization. Many of its previous services have been concluded while new outreaches have been developed. A new small business was subsequently formed, also called Desert Hope. We offer ongoing pastoral coaching and support to faith-based parents of LGBT kids, and have expanded into offering transformational experiences for women via workshops, personal growth groups, and individual life coaching. Overall, our mission remains the same:

PURPOSE… extend God’s grace and love to people with hurts or other obstacles that hold them back from all that they were designed for.

GOAL… bring a fresh and relevant message of hope and experiential renewal through coaching, personal growth groups, workshops, and retreats.

VISION… see men and women live out of their inherent goodness and truest identities as the Beloved and to free them to love as God loves.