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Not just another Christian counseling clinic —
but a place to be — just as you are.
To journey… to heal… to grow!

Dr. Hallman loves working with people!

I see echoes of God in every individual life and therefore approach each new client with reverence and respect. I seek to be gracious, gentle, honoring and sensitive, recognizing that a person’s present journey is an essential and important part of their unfolding life story. I am passionate about showing every human being the unconditional acceptance and kindness they deserve as a unique and special person created in the image of God. I long to provide a safe and compassion-filled relationship that will release gifts of healing, authenticity, creativity, and wholeness.

In order to provide the best service possible, I am committed to my own ongoing learning, training, and professional accountability. And I desire to continue to learn (and grow) from my clients.

“Your process is designed to develop the muscles
you will need to sustain the weight of your destiny.”
- johnny Enlow


Dr. Hallman is comfortable addressing a variety of issues and journeying into the often complex and mysterious caverns of the human heart. If she is unable to meet your needs directly, she will be happy to offer referrals to other seasoned counselors.

  • Anxiety, depression, grief and loss, compulsivity, codependency, addictions, sexual disorders

  • Trauma, sexual abuse, PTSD

  • Identity issues, relationships, career exploration, assessments

  • Christian LGBTQIA, sexual identity, sexual and gender fluidity

  • Same-sex attraction, gender insecurity, inferiority, or hatred

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Individual Counseling - Adult

As of October, 2019, Dr. Hallman is presently not taking any new weekly or long term clients. she is willing to meet with you however for a one-time consultation or periodic coaching.

Dr. Hallman is client-centered in all of her approaches – honoring and respecting the client’s treatment goals as well as their actual and felt ability to move in certain therapeutic directions. In other words, each client is on a path - a sacred soul journey of sorts. Dr. Hallman is committed to “go wherever the client needs to go.” Whether that is a deep dive into past or present pain, or simply learning to relax, breathe, and notice the present moment. While Dr. Hallman facilitates the journey into the heart, the client is the sojourner and director of their own journey.

Dr. Hallman also believes that the space “in between” the client and her self is sacred. The quality of the counseling relationship deeply matters and Dr. Hallman views it as an essential and powerful vehicle for change.

In addition to traditional talk therapy, Dr. Hallman also relies on a variety of methods and techniques including experiential and somatic processes, trauma reprocessing techniques, tapping, cognitive therapy, psychodrama, and spiritual interventions. Sessions are typically scheduled from 50 to 100 minutes either weekly or bimonthly. Fees are $145 per 50 minute session.

“A reverence of approach awakens depTH
and enables us to be truly present
where we are.” - John O’donohue

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Intensive Therapeutic Consultations

As of October, 2019, Dr. Hallman is presently not scheduling any Intensives. However, you may schedule an intensive with her through the Denver based organization called restoring the soul. she is however willing to meet with you for a one-time consultation or periodic coaching.

What is an Intensive?

Therapeutic intensives usually involve 3-4 hours of therapy per day, spanning across 1-5 days. A therapeutic consultation is customized based on each person’s need and treatment goals. Dr. Hallman relies on a variety of methods and techniques in her counseling intensives including experiential processes, trauma reprocessing techniques, tapping, cognitive therapy, and spiritual interventions. It is recommended that a client’s entire time throughout an intensive be set aside for session time, meditation, and homework activities, such as reading and journaling.

Therapeutic intensives are intense. They are only recommended for folks who have a broad local support system and a local primary therapist. A man or woman’s primary therapist must be informed and in agreement that a therapeutic intensive with Dr. Hallman is in the client’s best interest. The client must be willing to sign a Release Form, allowing communication between his or her primary therapist and Dr. Hallman prior to scheduling an intensive.

Therapeutic intensives are offered on a consulting basis only (meaning, by doing an intensive, Dr. Hallman not assuming primary therapeutic responsibility for the client) – Dr. Hallman’s consulting is simply supplementing the primary therapy already being undertaken by the client and their primary therapist.

Is a therapeutic intensive appropriate for me?

Individuals who are advanced in their process and perhaps in need of deeper level understanding of “why they do the things they do,” or who want to address aspects of their life that seem resistant to growth or transformation, may benefit from an intensive. Additionally, those needing additional assistance pushing through an obstacle in their current therapy, may also be a good fit for a therapeutic intensive.

How do I get started?

The first step in scheduling an intensive is to contact Dr. Hallman’s office to schedule a 50-minute consultation. Once it has been determined that an intensive is viable, Dr. Hallman will schedule the actual dates and times. She will then mail out intake forms and psychological assessments. Every therapeutic intensive client is required to complete a full psychological assessment (involving psychological testing - three paper tests - and a fee of $195.) All forms and assessments, together with payment for the psychological testing ($195) must be received by the office at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the therapeutic intensive. This gives Dr. Hallman time to score and review all assessments and forms.

All therapeutic intensive clients are required to pay for all transportation, food, and lodging, in addition to the above fees.


The fee for therapeutic intensives is $150 per every 50 minutes spent in session. Full payment on the balance due for the therapeutic intensive must be made on the final day. Payment can be made by cash or check. (International clients will need to pay via TransferWise. If you are wanting to use TransferWise, please email Dr. Hallman and she will give you further instructions.) Upon completion of a therapeutic intensive, the client’s primary therapist may schedule a 15-minute consultation with Dr. Hallman free of charge. Dr. Hallman will also forward the results of all psychological assessments to the primary therapist if requested.

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